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Youth Worker

“IT’S YOU is an amazing eu project to promote the sense of community and increase the processes of participation (online and offline); Also, it activates ‘virtual gym’ for young people where they
can train their intercultural citizenship skills”


‘Digital skills gap’ threatens innovation

The skills required for success in the new economy were already changing. Now, COVID has sped up these changes dramatically.

As researchers warn of a growing “digital skills gap” that threatens to hold back innovation…

Posted in: Digital Skills, Technology,
“A European Perspective”: Using Ground-Breaking Technology To Foster Greater Understanding Between Citizens In Europe

At a time when the need for mutual understanding in Europe has never been so great, a pioneering digital news service – ‘A European Perspective’ – is stepping up its efforts to offer citizens multilingual coverage of major stories by drawing on content produced by 12 public service newsrooms.

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Which European countries have the most digital skills?

Over half of people in the European Union had at least basic digital skills in 2021, new data shows.

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