IT'S YOU Challenge (IO2)

IT’S YOU Challenge is a platform containing non-formal tools to assess and enhance young people’s intercultural citizenship competences, namely:

  • Multilingual competence understood as linguistic and cultural inter-comprehension.
  • Digital competence.
  • Citizenship competence, meaning the ability to act as responsible citizens and to participate fully in civic and social life.
  • Competence in cultural awareness and expression, which implies understanding and respecting how ideas and meanings are creatively expressed and communicated in different cultures.

The IO2 consists of a platform containing a self-assessment section of competences, a section with mini-games/quizzes/simulations to ‘train’ competences and short video tutorials explaining the competences, a forum section. The platform contains a Forum area where interaction between young people is possible. There is also a Repository containing questions and mini-games that are randomly selected when the user logs in.

Mini Games

Escape Challenge