Aretés is structured as a private research and planning center. Since 1999, he has developed specific expertise in research, planning, and communication, proposing participative intervention methods and solutions characterized by the logic of innovation. Aretès is a network of professionals dedicated to the design and application of innovative solutions to the problems of public and private organizations involved in social and socio-health, employment, and local development. The new frontiers of Aretés are those of social innovation, fundraising, and the social web, which are synthesized in the new European projects presented by Aretès in Europe and which concern the effective and efficient use of new technologies within organizations public and private.

Dedalus’ staff comprises economists, sociologists, psychologists, social operators, vocational trainers, cultural mediators, and peer operators with proven experience in researching, planning, and managing social services. Our activities address problems related to gender, ethnicity, and other forms of discrimination, the social exclusion of vulnerable groups, violence, and abuse. We provide our beneficiaries a wide range of services, including information and guidance, cultural mediation in accessing social and health services, social protection, shelter, counseling, and training.

Marak Digital Marketing develops and implements comprehensive online marketing strategies to help our clients achieve the most direct, engaging, and rewarding connection with their target audience. We are well versed in Digital Strategy, Social Media, Online promotion, E-commerce, Applications, and Emerging Technology.

Docete Omnes Foundation is a non-governmental and non-profit organization. It is an educational and public interest institution by virtue of a Ministerial Order. The Foundation is a social complex working in different areas; the main two are education and care sectors. Nowadays, the Foundation is a large organization with more than 140 workers: among them teachers and experts with a high level of experience whose opinion will be relevant for the program we present.

We are a team of people who strive for change, active engagement, and intersectionality for a society that is equal and representative of all and we come from Patras, Greece. We aim at working with diverse groups of people in relation to other local organizations and constructing networks in and out of our local and national level focusing on Digital Transformation and Opportunities; Art and Culture for Social Change; and Activism and Civic Engagement.

EDIT VALUE has 15 years of experience in supporting SME’s in their management challenges providing their clients business consulting services in Strategic Management, Financial Management, and Human Resources Management. EDIT VALUE is also involved in several projects related to training, soft skills, diversity, gender equality, sustainability, social responsibility, and entrepreneurship.

DRPDNM is a non-governmental and humanitarian organisation based in Slovenia. Their area of expertise is social care, youth, and culture. DRPDNM’s core values promote the values of solidarity, tolerance, voluntarism, active living, clean environment, citizen awareness and participation in order to foster a more inclusive society. This organisation engages with and supports different communities in order to promote cultural identity, social integration, and equality. DRPDNM works with projects on a local, national, and European basis to inform, educate and promote voluntary work.